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Instruments currently built in Adelaide, Australia. Distributed exclusively world-wide by Classic Guitars International in Santa Barbara, CA.
Luthier Jim Redgate was born in London, England in 1963 and his family emigrated to Australia in 1966. Redgate left school at the age of fifteen to begin a trade in the building industry. Much to the dismay of his employer, and after a four year award-winning apprenticeship, he changed direction to pursue a career in music.
Redgate has been building guitars since 1984. An accomplished player himself, he holds a Bachelor of Music Performance in Classical Guitar from the Elder Conservatorium. The relative isolation of Adelaide from the mainstream classical world resulted in Redgate developing his own unique building style and approach and his background in guitar playing is obvious in the design, playability, sound, and balance of his instruments. The popularity of his guitars spread and by the mid 1990's he was marketing worldwide.
Always developing new ideas, Redgate is well-known for his arched back classical concert guitars with carbon fiber reinforced lattice bracing and two well received double top models, the "traditional" double top, with nomex core and flat back, and the ergonomic and immensely playable "WAVE" double top with its arched top and back and well elevated fingerboard. His high grade construction materials include rosewood, W.R. cedar, German spruce, ebony, and mahogany. To enhance the response and augment the rich classical tone he uses carbon fiber and Kevlar/Nomex to reinforce essential components in his instruments. Concert and recording artists including Ana Vidovic, Odair Assad, Slava Gregorian, Leonard Gregorian, Ralph Towner, and others play and record with Redgate guitars.
Redgate builds about fifteen guitars a year, with minimal use of power tools. Instruments are ordered through his agent, though custom requests can still be catered for. Guitars start at $12,950 and for further information, please contact Classic Guitars International directly.

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