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All-Graphite acoustic guitars currently produced in Woodinville, WA since 2001. Projection Series and Parlor Series instruments previously produced until 2005 in Korea with soundboards built in Woodinville, WA. Distributed by RainSong Graphite Guitars. All-graphite instruments were previously produced in Maui, HI from 1994-2001.
RainSong Graphite Guitars was founded by Dr. John A Decker Jr. in Maui, Hawaii. Decker, a physicist with degrees in engineering, began researching and developing composite acoustic guitars in 1985. The goal was to produce a fine-sounding, high-quality composite acoustic guitar that would be impervious to changes in humidity and temperature. Members of the design team included Dr. Decker, noted luthier Lorenzo Pimentel and composites expert George Clayton. In December, 1994, after a prolonged R&D period, full production facilities were opened in Maui, Hawaii.
The first generation of RainSongs were built using traditional bracing patterns. By 1997, the company offered a complete range of acoustic guitars, acoustic basses and jazz archtops.
In 1998, Ashvin Coomar took over as the President/CEO of the company. With an engineering and business background, Coomar hit the road running. With the help of Dr. Decker, Coomar developed a new soundboard technology, Projection Tuned Layering™, that dramatically improved the volume and bass response of the instruments. In 1999, RainSong decided to narrow its line to one offering, the WS1000, that used the new Projection Tuned Layering™ technology. By late 2000, the company began leveraging the success of the WS1000 by introducing other models that used the same technology.
In 2001, RainSong relocated its entire operations to Woodinville, Washington. This move was based on economics – better access to materials and skilled craftsmen and lower shipping costs. The company currently employs seven people. Decker is now the Chairman and continues to reside in Maui, Hawaii.
RainSong introduced a revolutionary set of products in 2002 – the Projection Series and the Parlor guitars. These instruments are designed to provide the unique characteristics of graphite construction – unique sound, look and stability – in a more economical package. The soundboards are constructed using Projection Tuned Layering™ in Woodinville, Washington and shipped to Korea, where the instrument is completed using wood back/sides and neck. The instruments are then shipped to Woodinville for their final setup and inspections. For more information, contact Rainsong directly or visit their website.

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