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Instruments currently produced overseas. Distributed by Pignose in Las Vegas, NV.
Pignose amplifiers have been around since 1972. A kid went to a distributor in Oakland with this prototype amp that was built in a wooden box. The idea of a portable, battery operated amp wasn't taken by storm from the distributor in Oakland. He later gave a prototype to Terry Kath of Chicago who took interest in the idea. The volume knob kept coming loose and he brought it his tech. The rubber knob was melted and when it was fixed, Terry said that it looked like a pig's nose. Some of the first models were produced with these "pignose" knobs, and there only two of them known in existence. It's funny how names sometimes come about.
This amp was one of the first that was completely portable amplifier. Now Pignose offers amps that are run strictly on DC battery power along with a rechargeable model. Not only are these amps novel ideas, they are also fairly cheap. They currently offer a wide range of products, including some tube models. They have also introduced an acoustic Dreadnought model, which retails for under $100. For more information visit Pignose's website or contact them directly.

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