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Acoustic instruments currently produced in Stevensville, MD since 2009 and in Korea since 2012. Prototypes were previously produced in Annapolis, MD in 1992. Electric instruments currently produced in Stevensville, MD since 1996 and previously produced in Annapolis, MD from 1985 to 1996.
Paul Reed Smith started designing and building guitars in the 1970. By 1985, Paul Reed Smith Guitars was started as a company. Paul is known primarily for his highly figured tops on his electric guitars. In 1992, PRS Guitars first ventured down the acoustic route. Dana Bourgeois was brought on to design these guitars and with Paul's help they came up with three acoustic models. However, eleven instruments were built (all prototypes) and they never reached the production phase. No full-acoustic models have been produced and it is unknown what happened to the prototype instruments. In 2008, PRS began experimenting with acoustic models again in their Private Stock line, and in 2009, two production acoustic models, the Angelus Cutaway and Tonare Grand were introduced with several available options. In 2012, Korean-built SE models of the Angelus Cutaway were introduced. For a full history and electric guitar information, refer to the Blue Book of Electric Guitars.

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