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Instruments currently built in Little Rock, CA since the late 1950s. Distributed by the Stringed Instument Division of Missoula, MT.
Luthier Roy Noble has been handcrafting acoustic guitars for several years. Noble has been plying his guitar building skills since the 1950s, when he first began building classical instruments after studying the construction of Jose Ramirez's Concert models. Noble later moved to a dreadnought steel string acoustic design in the late 1950s and early 1960s as he practiced his craft repairing vintage instruments, and has produced anywhere from two to twenty guitars a year since then. Noble constantly experimented with the traditional uses of tonewoods, and his designs reflect the innovative use of coco bolo in bridges, and western red cedar for tops.
In 1964/1965, Noble replaced the top and neck on Clarence White's pre-war Martin D-28 when it came in for repairs (this instrument is currently owned by Tony Rice). White so enjoyed the sound that he later recorded with two Noble acoustics in many of his studio recordings.
Noble currently offers two models, a concert size acoustic or a dreadnought-sized six or twelve-string acoustic. Models are built in one of three configurations. The Standard features mahogany and Indian rosewood construction, while the Deluxe features mahogany, Indian rosewood, koa, pau ferro, or coco bolo. The Custom offers construction with koa, pau ferro, coco bolo or CITES certified Brazilian rosewood. For further information regarding models, specifications, and pricing please visit Noble's website or contact him directly. Source: Michael R. Stanger and Greg Boyd, Stringed Instrument Division.

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