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Instruments currently built in Sparta, WI since 2001.
The original three soundhole McPherson guitar was initially designed and developed in the early 1980s. After years of exhaustive testing and R&D McPherson Guitars (luthier Matt McPherson) was incorporated in December, 2001 and released their perfected hand-built design. The McPherson guitar combines exquisite master craftsmanship with cutting edge guitar design which features their Offset Soundhole Technology, state-of-the art bracing, and their unique "no touch" Cantilevered Neck Design. Collectively, these technologies allow the top of the instrument to vibrate and resound to its fullest potential. For more information on McPherson Guitars or to hear the sound of their guitars go to McPherson's website and download a free copy of Sunset Drive or contact McPherson Guitars directly.

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