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Instruments currently built in Nashville, TN, since 1976.
Paul McGill is an American guitar maker and has been making guitars for 36 years dating back to 1976. His early career was mentored by makers such as Charles Fox where he studied for a few months at the Earthworks. After returning to Georgia for a few years, he relocated to Madison, WI where he was influenced by Robert Ruck. McGill spent his years in Wisc. refining his craft and building many types of guitars, Classical, Steel String and a few carved top instruments. In 1982, he made the guitar that was eventually used by Muriel Anderson to win the Winfield competition. He also made guitars for many local artists including Barbara Koimman of Timbuk 3. In 1985, McGill took a position on the staff at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, TN.
After moving to Nashville, he made guitars and worked for Gruhn as a restorationist and repairman. In 1986, he made a guitar that would be used by Earl Klugh to record his Solo Guitar album. McGill left Gruhn's in 1988 and setup shop in the Berry Hill section of Nashville in 1989. By this point Paul was focused on classical guitar making. In 1992, he made a Delvecchio-style guitar at Earl Klugh's request. The next four years were focused on perfecting the Brazilian resonator guitars. This type of guitar was used extensively by Chet Atkins, who was exposed by the Brazilian Legend Nato Lima of Los Indios Tabajaras. Paul made three resonator guitars for Chet - one was a gift from Earl Klugh. The last of these is featured in Chet's final publication Me and my guitars. Paul Also made resonators for Nato, Jim Stafford, Don Potter, John Standerfer, and Steve Earl.
In 1996, McGill moved to his current location in West Nashville. He also envisioned his Nylon String electric model the Super Acoustic Classical Electric, or Super ACE. The first of these models were made in June, 1998. Peter White acquired one of these guitars in 1999 and it has been his main instrument on stage since, Marc Antoine also acquired one that year.
In 2007, Paul was commisioned by the legendary Jimmy Wyble to make a Super ACE for him. After a long absence, Jimmy returned to the Musician's Institute where he was a founding instructor and became exposed to the Super Ace through instructor David Oakes. Jimmy bought a Super Ace with the intention of leaving it with Larry Koonse and Jimmy passed in 2010. Paul delivered the guitar in 2008 and since 2009, Larry Koonse has worked with the instrument, including The Autumn recording with Billy Childs. Paul is known for classical, nylon string electric, and resophonic guitars. His latest model is a Steel string model in the style of the ACE the Super Steel. For more information and a custom quotation, please contact McGill directly.

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