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Instruments previously produced in Colfax, CA between 1994 and early 2009.
Luthier Lance McCollum began building guitars in the 1980s, and started building McCollum guitars full-time in 1994. McCollum was a die-hard fan of the dovetail neck joint and he built guitars with the tonal complexity of a grand piano as each note sounded independently but at the same time, they blended all the way up the fingerboard. McCollum was also known for his selection of beautiful tonewoods and elaborate rosettes. McCollum's clients included Alex de Grassi, Todd Hallawell, Roger Hodgson, Dougie MacLean, and Doug Smith, and it is estimated that McCollum built between 250 and 300 guitars. McCollum passed away on February 1, 2009 of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

From Blue Book Publications:

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