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Instruments currently produced in Sulphur Springs, TX since 1989. Instruments previously built in Winfield, KS from 1969 to 1977. Some models were available from Mossman's private shop after 1977.
Luthier Stuart Mossman originally built acoustic guitars in his garage in 1969. Mossman then founded the S. L. Mossman Company, and set up a factory to produce guitars. Mossman inspected each finished guitar before shipping; the scale of the Mossman factory was to build eight to ten guitars a day (at the most). Actually, when discussing acoustic guitars, it is probably proper to say complete eight to ten guitars a day, as the actual construction would take longer to complete (gluing the bodies, neck/body joint assembly and set up, etc.). It is estimated that around 1,400 guitars had been built between 1970 and 1975, when a fire struck the factory in February. With the support of local businessmen, Mossman returned to production. However, due to a disagreement with his distributors, the Mossman company closed shop in August of 1977. Stuart Mossman then opened a private shop, and offered a number of instruments privately.
In 1989, John Kinsey of Dallas, Texas resurrected the Mossman trademark. In mid-1990, Bob Casey joined the company as a part owner. The company operated in a suburb of Dallas until August of 1991 when it was moved to an old dairy barn in Sulpher Springs, Texas. The company has operated in Sulphur Springs since then. The Mossman line of acoustic guitars is still regarded as one of the finest handmade instruments in the country, (Company history courtesy John Kinsey, Mossman Guitars).
Mossman Guitars manufactures basically the same models as Stuart Mossman manufactured in Winfield, Kansas. Some of the lower line models have been discontinued, but the mainstream line (Texas Plains, Winter Wheat, South Wind, and Golden Era) continue to be produced. Several improvements have been made to the standard models, such as scalloped bracing being made a standard feature. Mossman Guitars, Inc. has also developed the "next step in the evolution of X-bracing," they refer to it as Suspension Bracing. This modification helps projection as well as producing a clear, clean punch on the lower end. For further information on Texas-made or Kansas-made Mossman instruments, please contact Mossman Guitars, Inc. directly.

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