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Instruments currently built in Santa Cruz, CA since 1978. Luthier Morse is currently concentrating on violin making.
Luthier John David Morse combined his artistic backgrounds in music, sculpture, and woodcarving with the practical scientific knowledge of stress points and construction techniques to produce a superior modern archtop guitar. Morse, a descendant of Samuel Morse (the telegraph and Morse code), studied under fine violin makers Henry Lannini and Arthur Conner to learn the wood carving craft. Morse still combines scientific processes in his building, and has identified means to recreate his hand graduated tops.
Morse is currently making high quality violins. A number of his violins are currently in use with the San Francisco Symphony, and he is building models for concertmaster Ramond Kobler and conductor Herbert Blomstedt. Any potential commissions for archtop guitar models should be discussed directly with luthier Morse.

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