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Instruments previously produced in Manchester, MD and Korea between the 1980s and 2007. Previously built in Etters, PA from 1978-early 1980s.
Luthier Paul Gobat is the founder of Mirage Guitar Works (MGW). MGW opened in 1978, and the first guitars were primarily built from acrylic sheet or cast polyester. In 1985, Gobat started building guitars out of wood but continues to produce guitars mainly out of alternative materials. Guitars are built in very limited productions and many are built as full custom instruments. In 1998, MGW started an import series from Korea. These guitars are solidbodies with high-quality appointments. Only 50 guitars were built at a time, and a total of 500 built in a series. Gobat worked to introduce one new model a year and discontinue one after five hundred are built. In 2004, a series of acoustic guitars was introduced as a limited production of around fifty guitars a year. By 2006, acoustic instruments were standard production. In February 2007, a catastrophic fire destroyed Mirage's production facilities including the tooling, templates, drawings, and special tools.

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