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Instruments previously produced by the Larson Brothers between 1900 and the mid-1940s. Also see Larson Brothers.
The Maurer brand was used by Robert Maurer prior to 1900 and by the Larson brothers, Carl and August, starting in 1900. The Larsons produced guitars, ukes, and mandolin family instruments under this brand until the mid-1930s when they, and the rest of the industry, changed designs from the small body guitars with slot pegheads and twelve-frets-to-the-body necks to larger bodies with necks becoming narrower but extending the fingerboard to now have fourteen frets to the body.
The most commonly found Maurer instrument is the flattop guitar having either X-bracing or straight, ladder-type bracing. Some of the X-braced instruments have the laminated X-braces which were patented by August in 1904. The Maurers were offered in student grade, intermediate grade and best grade. The Maurer brand was also used on the harp guitar, uke, taro-patch, mandolinetto, mandola, octave mandolin, mando-cello, and mando-bass.
The style of the Maurers was carried through in the instruments sold to Wm. C. Stahl and the Prairie State brand. They ranged from the very plain to the pearl and abalone trimmed with the fanciest having a beautiful tree-of-life fingerboard. The Maurers are high quality instruments and are more commonly found than the other Larson brands. Information courtesey: Robert Carl, The Larsons' Creations, Guitars and Mandolins.

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