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Instruments currently produced in Soquel, CA since 2003.
Luthier Matthew Mustapick began building guitars in 2003 after leaving his job at an Internet company in the heart of Silicone Valley. Mustapick learned the art of building guitars through talking with other builders, reading books and literature, researching the Internet, and playing guitars to find out as much about them as he could. He offers five main models with the Aurora, Arena OM, Classical, Concert Nylon Crossover, and the Deep Baritone. Mustapick also offers several options and because each guitar is hand built, each model can be custom ordered. Mustapick uses several features that have become more popular in 21st century playing such as the Kevin Ryan-style body bevel, the Linda Manzer-style wedge body, and multi-scale designs. Prices start at $5,100 for the Aurora and Arena OM, $5,200 for the Deep Baritone, and $5,300 for the Classical and Concert Nylon Crossover. For more information, visit Mustapick's website or contact him directly.

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