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Instruments currently built in Somers Point, NJ, since 1980.
Mark Wescott's approach to guitar building is one of innovative design that is based on the importance of sound and the interaction between the guitar and the player. Wescott is one of the growing number of modern builders who are systematically re-examining the mechanics of how a guitar produces sound.
Wescott´s background in music began early as he grew up in a musical family where violins, violas, and cellos were always present. While Wescott first trained as an apprentice in cabinet making and furniture restoration, his musical background led him back to creating high quality acoustic guitars.
In 1980, Wescott built his first guitar under the guidance of George Morris, while attending the Charles Fox Guitar Research and Design School (GRD). Several years later, Wescott attended Richard Schneider's Kasha Design Seminar. Wescott continued on as resident luthier for three years at Schneider's Lost Mountain Center for the Guitar; it was there that he acquired a solid background in the Kasha method of radial soundboard bracing. This method was first invented by Dr. Michael Kasha, and pioneered by Master Luthier Richard Schneider.

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