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Instruments currently produced in Cape Town, South Africa.
Master craftsman Marc Maingard, an accomplished composer, musician, and performer, began repairing his own guitars in the early 1970s, and because of the lack of luthiers in South Africa, he created a steady job repairing guitars in the area. Maingard became an apprentice under an English cabinetmaker and at the same time started building violins and cellos under the direction of Brian Lisus. Maingard also worked and studied with Santa Cruz guitars in California during the early 1980s as well as with James D'Aquisto, and spending many hours with Hose Oirbe in San Diego perfecting his classical guitar sound. Currently, Maingard builds a variety of acoustic and classical guitars in his South African shop and is the only authorized repairman for Gibson, Martin, and Ovation guitars in the area. Maingard offers a variety of guitars ranging from classicals to dreadnoughts to archtops. Marc is also a recognized inlay artist offering an exciting selection of custom trim details and inlays using the world's finest pearl, abalone, gold, silver, and rare gems. Maingard Guitars are all made in a humidity controlled environment with precious and rare woods quartersawed and well-seasoned. All guitars carry CITES certification, are in Lacey Act Compliance, and Maingard is a Brazilian rosewood (old growth) specialist. For more information, visit Maingard's website or contact him directly.

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