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Instruments previously built in Old Hickory, TN with final production (inlays) in California. Distributed by Mac Yasuda Enterprises of Irvine, CA. Also Masterbilt Guitars.
Mac Yasuda is internationally recognized as a vintage guitar authority and collector, and has been writing on the topic of vintage instruments for well over two decades. Many may not realize that Yasuda is also a first-rate musician who has appeared on stage at the WSM Grand Ole Opry. Yasuda began performing country music on a local radio show in Kobe, Japan at the age of seventeen, and joined the "Rodeo Rangers" as a singer a year later. This group gained popularity on radio and in nightclubs in western Japan.
In 1970, Yasuda arrived in the U.S. to study at Michigan Technological University. He traveled to Nashville, and later purchased his first vintage guitar from a Denver pawnshop. Since then, virtually thousands of vintage instruments have passed through his hands.
In the late 1980s, Yasuda met Greg Rich. Rich was then acquiring a reputation for his custom musical instruments created for a major guitar producer (located in Nashville). These specialized custom instruments had immediate appeal in the collectibles market. In 1992, Rich collaborated with Mark Taylor (see Tut Taylor, Crafters Of Tennessee) to create a company to produce his latest custom designs. Mac Yasuda contracted Rich and Taylor to produce his namesake high quality, custom guitars. Mac Yasuda guitars debuted at the 1997 NAMM show, but Rich left the Masterbilt company shortly thereafter. It is unknown how many guitars were actually produced.

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