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Instruments currently built in Florida.
A self-taught guitar builder, LoPrinzi's original Flemmington, NJ barber shop also had a guitar workshop in the back. After ten years dividing his interests, LoPrinzi (and his brother Thomas) founded LoPrinzi guitars in New Jersey in 1972. The business grew from a two- and three-man operation into a staff of eighteen employees. Modern production techniques enabled the LoPrinzi brothers to pare the number of employees back to seven while still producing sixty to eighty guitars a month in 1975. LoPrinzi, tired of overseeing production, sold the business to Maark Corporation (a subsidiary of AMF). Refusing to sign a "Non-compete" clause, LoPrinzi opened "Augustino Guitars" two weeks later - and literally right next door to his original plant! He continued to produce guitars there until 1978, and then moved to Florida. The AMF-owned LoPrinzi company continued producing guitars for a number of years, and finally closed the doors in 1980. Years later, Augustino called AMF to request his old trademark back. Working with vice president Dick Hargraves, Augustino officially had the trademark transferred back, and has combined it to form the current "Augustino LoPrinzi" line of guitars.
In 1994, Augustino was joined by his daughter Donna LoPrinzi Chavis and together they began producing over 200 instruments per year. While the actual business was turned over to Donna in 2003, Augustino has stayed on and continues building guitars. The LoPrinzi's current production is nearly 25 instruments per month.
Through the years, Augustino LoPrinzi has consulted or designed instruments for many companies including Guild, Martin, Kramer, Fender, and others. His high quality limited production classical guitars feature quality tonewoods, and range in price from $3,000 to $10,000. LoPrinzi also builds several flamenco models, steel string acoustics and ukuleles. For further information regarding models, availability, and pricing, visit LoPrinzi's website or contact him directly.

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