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Instruments currently built in Sweden. Instruments were previously built in Sweden from 1900 to 1977. In the early 1970s, Levin was purchased by the Martin Guitar Company of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
The Levin company of Sweden was founded by luthier Herman Carlson Levin in 1900, and the first guitar and mandolin factory was set up in Goteburg, Sweden. Prior to establishing his factory, luthier Levin had a shop in Manhattan.
Levin was purchased in the early 1970s by the Martin Guitar company. While early Levin models had some "Martin-esque" qualities prior to the sale, they definitely showed Martin influence afterwards. Production focused on flat-tops after the company changed hands. The last Levin guitars were built in 1977 (source: Aad Overseem, The Netherlands).
Levin guitars was purchased by Bertil Josefson and they are now producing guitars again. They make small wood classic guitars, but no longer make dreadnoughts.

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