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Instruments currently built in Cedar Ridge, CA.
Harvey G. Leach has been building musical instruments for over forty years. Leach, a former furniture maker from Vermont, began building banjos and mandolins early on in his musical instrument career. In 1979, he built his first guitar, and then gave it to his wife as a wedding present. All H.G. Leach guitars are individually handcrafted, and built to the owner's specifications. He estimates that twenty to twenty-five guitars are built each year; a basic model may take a week's worth of work (spread out over a three-week time period), and a fancier model with mother-of-pearl inlays may take five times as long.
Leach decided that he wanted to focus more time on his inlay work and started the company Cutting Edge Inlays. This reduced his building to only about twelve guitars instead of thirty a year.
Leach is also committed to environmental concerns, and produces his guitars with domestic or foreign sustainable yield mahogany and Brazilian (or Bolivian) rosewood. Leach also uses a UV cured lacquer finish (a nitrocellulose finish is available on request).
Luthier Leach offers a wide range of inlay, abalone trim, wood appointments, and other options to all of his creations (the list is two columns long!). As a result, the custom-ordered guitar is a custom-built guitar, right to the customer's specifications. All list prices include a hardshell case. For more information, visit Leach's website or contact him directly.

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