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Instruments previously built in Mexico in the 1990s. Previously distributed by K & S Guitars of Berkeley, CA.
George Katechis and Marc Silber (K & S), two noted guitar experts, reintroduced the Acoustic Hawaiian Slide Guitar in the 1990s. This type of guitar was developed in the 1920s and enjoyed moderate success before being overtaken by the louder, resonator-driven National-style guitars of the early 1930s. The recent instruments are modeled after designs by Weissenborn, Hilo, and Knutsen.
Prices started at $700 for these solid wood acoustic Hawaiian Slide Guitars. Wood options include Canadian cedar top and Spanish Cedar body; Sitka Spruce top and Spanish cedar, Honduras mahogany, maple, or California koa (acacia) body, or all California koa. Instruments are bound and feature Van Gent tuners.

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