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Instruments currently manufactured by Jon Kammerer Guitars located in Keokuk, IA, since 2000.
Luthier Jon Kammerer originally started manufacturing his unique acoustic instruments because of a 1995 thesis project for industrial design school. After much research, it was determined that up to two-thirds of the sound waves in an acoustic guitar bounce into a corner and directly back onto themselves, canceling each other. Also, the standard boxy appearance of an acoustic guitar had not been changed for a long time. This led to his experimentation with both ceramic and fiberglass guitar bodies. Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software and computer controlled milling machines, every wood part in a Kammerer guitar is machine made to high tolerances. The unique contoured body is cut out of two blanks, then precisely glued at the center. All Kammerer instruments include a dual action truss rod, four-screw neck, Gotoh tuning machines, cast acrylic saddle and nut, strap mounting buttons, and a hard shell case. In 2002, Jon started producing electric guitars as well. For more information or custom ordering, contact Kammerer directly or visit his website.

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