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Acoustic guitars and banjos currently produced in Staunton, VA. Huss & Dalton have been producing guitars since 1995.
Luthiers Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton started Huss & Dalton in the late summer of 1995 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virgina. Luthier Huss moved from Huss to Virginia in 1984 where he worked at Stelling Banjo Works for nine years. Luthier Dalton met Huss in the early 1990s at a jam session and he came to work at Stelling in 1994 where he started working on guitars. Dalton visited Huss' shop in the summer of 1995 and they began exchanging ideas for guitars and banjos, which led to the creation of Huss & Dalton.
Huss & Dalton utilizes a combination of "bench style" techniques as well as modern CNC technology to build their guitars. Along with Huss and Dalton, they employ a small shop of people to build at a small production rate rather than one-at-a-time "free building." Along with a full line of acoustic guitars, Huss & Dalton also offers banjos. For more information, visit Huss & Dalton's website or contact them directly.

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