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Instruments currently built in Panama City, Florida. Distributed by Dennis Hill and Leitz Music, Inc. of Panama City, Florida.
Dennis Hill has a tradition of music in his life that reaches back to his father, who was a dance band musician. After a five-year career in the U.S. Navy (Hill received his Honorable Discharge in 1969), Hill became the student to classical guitar teacher Ernesto Dijk. As Hill's interest in guitars grew, he met Augustino LoPrinzi in 1987. Hill finally became a sales representative for LoPrinzi's guitars, and studied guitarmaking at LoPrinzi's shop. Hill spent days in the shop as LoPrinzi's shadow observing construction techniques and finishing methods. For the sake of efficiency, Hill and LoPrinzi agreed to reserve in depth question and answer sessions for breakfast/lunch meetings (Those encounters now highly regarded and much appreciated by Hill). All building was done after hours in Hill's art studio (Hill lived as a portrait artist and art teacher at that time). In 1992, Hill moved to Panama City and established his own shop. For further information contact Leitz Music, Inc. directly (early source: Hal Hammer).

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