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Instruments previously built in New York City, NY, during the 1800s.
William Hall was a guitar dealer in New York City between circa 1820 and 1874. Hall did business at several addresses in New York - most of which were on Broadway. He conducted business on and off with two partners, John Firth and Sylvanus Pond, and they did business under many names including Firth, Hall, and Pond, Firth & Hall, and Firth, Pond, and Company. Hall also did business with his son James, and the business was called Hall & Son or W.M. Hall & Son. Hall's principle business was a dealership, but he did have a manufacturing facility with thirty employees where they built pianos. It is unlikely that his shop produced many (if any) guitars. The guitars sold under Hall's name (Firth & Pond as well) were made predominantly (almost exclusively) by James Ashborn of Torrington, CT. Ashborn produced two main styles of guitars were identified as Model 1 and Model 2. This designation of models is also used on the guitars made for Hall and others.
Limited number of these guitars are still in existence. Most models that appear are the parlor style. Original instruments in excellent condition could bring more than $1,000 in the marketplace. Source: Walter Murray, Frankenstein Fretworks.

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