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Instruments currently built in Kula, HI since 1972.
Luthier Stephen Grimes originally apprenticed with a violin maker and set up his own mandolin shop in Port Townsend, WA in 1972, assembling archtop mandolins. In 1974, Grimes began handcrafting archtop guitars, as well as a few steel string flattop models. In 1982, Grimes introduced a semi-hollow archtop, two steel string flattops, and a half-sized flattop. Grimes also moved to Hawaii in 1982, and continues to produce guitars on a custom basis. Grimes estimates that he produces about twenty guitars a year (half of them are archtops, and half of them are double soundhole flattops in steel or nylon configurations). Customers have choices on size, woods used, color of finish, inlay work, electronic packages, and the neck profile. For more information, contact Grimes directly.

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