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Instruments currently built in Portland, OR since 1971. Previously built in Bloomington, IN.
Luthier John Greven has been building guitars since 1971, and he worked at Gruhn Guitars reparing and restoring instruments before he started building his own. While Greven has always been building good sounding acoustics, he is perhaps better known for the outstanding quality of his inlay work. In the mid-1990s, Greven devised a faux tortoiseshell material that can be used as pickguards or body binding without the problems encountered by the real material. This faux shell is called "Tor-tis." The base price for a mahogany guitar is $3,500 and a rosewood or other special material guitar starts at $5,200. For more information on his instruments or inlay work visit Greven's website or contact him directly.

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