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Instruments previously built in Nashville, TN circa early 1960s until 1971.
RG & G was founded in the Spring of 1965 in Nashville, Tennessee, by Grand Ole Opry performer Billy Grammer. The company was very active in the Nashville area, and many local performers used these acoustic guitars during the 1960s. The factory burned down in April, 1968 and was rebuilt in June, 1968. RG & G was reformed as Grammer Guitars in the fall of 1968.
The Grammer Guitar company was later sold to Ampeg (circa unknown, late 1960s), and the later models have an Ampeg "A" logo on the front of the headstock below the Grammer name. Grammer went out of business in 1971; the company's assets (but not the trademark name) were sold at a bankruptcy auction the same year. Billy Grammer died on August 10, 2011 after a long illness. Sources: George Gruhn, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Walter Murray of Frankenstein Fretworks, and Tom Wheeler, American Guitars.

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