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Instruments previously produced in Seattle, WA between the early 1980s and 2009.
In 1978, luthier Robert Girdis began his studies in guitar construction at the Northwest School of Instrument Design in Seattle, WA. After his first year of intensive studies apprenticeship, Girdis stayed on for a second year as a teaching assistant. In 1981, Girdis established his own workshop of Guemes Island (Washington), sharing a large workshop with a boat builder.
After a short time at work in an Anacortes boat yard, Girdis formed a collaboration with a local wildlife artist to make fifty realistic carved cedar duck decoys. Girdis also served as assistant to Guemes Island's artist/sculptor Phillip McCracken, working on several sculptures in progress in wood, stone, and bronze. Returning to his own shop, Girdis began fashioning commissioned guitars and dulcimers as well as performing instrument repair work. Dulcimer construction offered Girdis the chance to experiment with several different designs, and different exotic woods. Girdis then began to focus on building acoustic guitars, and accepting more commissions for steel string models.
Girdis has been featured in Frets Magazine, focusing on the artistic side of the craft. Girdis' guitars are noted for their big acoustic sound and attention to detail in the construction. Models were available in dreadnought and parlor styles and a number of configurations were available. Girdis passed away in June, 2009.

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