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Instruments currently built in Big Rapids, MI since 1992.
Luthier Bryan Galloup has been a guitar repairman on vintage guitars for several years. Galloup began building his own guitars in 1992, and went full time in guitar building in 1995.
Galloup's techniques of neck resetting, fretting, and bridge and bridge plate replacing were featured in the Guild of American Luthier's American Luthier publication. Galloup is also the repair and modification columnist for The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans' quarterly magazine.
In addition to his acoustic guitar models, Galloup also runs the Bryan GalloupĀ“s School of Guitar Building and Repair, which is a fully equipped wood working shop that is designed to handle the most advanced repairs, restorations, and custom ordered acoustic and electric guitars. Students during the eight-week class are outfitted with their own workbench, hand tools, and supplies and receive a hands-on education in the lutherie arts. There is also a twenty-four-week Masters course available. For more information, visit Galloup's website or contact them directly.

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