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Instruments previously produced in Korea. Distributed by Avnet, Inc.
Gagliano acoustic guitars have the Gagliano trademark name in gold script on the headstock, while their internal label states "Meisel Music, a subsidiary of Avnet, Inc." One model observed, the Model 2060, may or may not be indicative of the entire product line: The different components are of various levels of quality and state of technology. For example, the neck is a decent quality nato, with an adjustable truss rod. This neck is about as good a quality as you could expect on this genre of instrument. On the other hand, the bridge is made of plastic and the soundboard is plywood, with a paper-like laminate to make it look like spruce. The internal bracing is also a mish-mash of technological styles. Source: Walter Murray, Frankenstein Fretworks.

From Blue Book Publications:

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