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Instruments currently built in Moravia, NY. Previously produced in Andover, NJ. Foley has been producing guitars since 1988. Distributed by Foley Guitars, Inc. in Moravia, NY.
Luthier Ed Foley has been hand crafting high quality acoustic guitars since the late 1980s. Many of his guitars can be found with a large number of Austin and Nashville artists, as well as other recording professionals. Foley headstocks are quite distinctive, for they have a recycled Ivory piano key cut into a steer scull! Foley also uses a MOP Foley logo if preferred. Foley builds less than ten guitars a year. In addition to his custom bracing, Foley also uses graphite along side of the truss rod to reinforse his necks and improve sustain. For more information, visit Foley's website or contact them directly.

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