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Instruments currently built in Sebastopol, CA. Previously built in Boulder, CO. Fleishman has been building guitars since 1975.
Luthier Harry Fleishman has been designing and building high quality, innovative acoustic guitars and basses since 1975. He is well known for his multi-wood topped guitars, mixing tonewoods to increase the harmonic complexity of his guitars. Harry pioneered the use of multiple scale instruments to retain the sweetness of trebles while increasing the clarity and depth of basses. His double soundhole guitars have great depth without boominess. The asymmetry of his designs offers both access to upper frets and increased depth and clarity. Tapered, contoured and scalloped bodies make his guitars comfortable and highly playable. While many luthiers use his ideas, Harry has made good use of the Wechter Access Panel, through which he voices his finished instruments. Harry's work is sought by performers and collectors around the world. He has worked as a consultant to several companies, and has made presentations at many Guild of American Luthiers conventions on topics ranging from guitar design to acoustic instrument amplification. He was formerly director of the American School of Lutherie, and is currently director of Luthiers School International. Harry also designs for Fender Musical Instruments Company, Boulder Basses, and Jackson Guitars.
Harry Fleishman builds innovative, unusual acoustic steel-string and nylon guitars. They are for the most part custom, one-of-a-kind instruments. For more information and to view a few of Harry's more than 350 instruments, visit Fleishman's website or contact him directly.

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