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Instruments previously built in Santa Monica, CA between 1980 and the early 2000s.
Luthier Danny Ferrington was born and raised in Louisiana. Ferrington's father, Lloyd, was a cabinet maker who had previously played guitar and bass in a local country western combo. FerringtonĀ“s first experiences with woodworking were in his father's shop in Monroe, LA.
Ferrington accepted an apprenticeship in 1975 at the Old Time Pickin' Parlour in Nashville, TN. He spent the next five years working with noted acoustic guitar builder Randy Woods. Ferrington's first acoustic was built in 1977, and he continued to hone his craft after that.
In 1980, Ferrington moved to Los Angeles, CA. Ferrington spent a number of years experimenting with different designs, and tones from instruments, and continued building custom guitars. Many of the features on the custom guitars are developed through discussions with the musician commissioning the piece. It is estimated that by 1992, Ferrington had constructed over one hundred custom instruments.
In the late 1980s, the Kramer guitar company was offering several models designed by Ferrington. After Kramer went under, the Ferrington Guitar Company of Long Branch, NJ offered essentially the same models (KFS-1, KFT-1, and KFB-1) with Ferrington on the headstock. These models featured a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, acoustic body, three-band EQ, and a thinline bridge transducer. Source: Kate Geil, et al, the Ferrington Guitars Book.

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