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Instruments currently produced in Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. Distributed by Fernandes Guitars/Kaysound Imports Inc. in Champlain, NY. Fernandes has been producing guitars since 1969.
In 1969, Fernandes Company Ltd. (based in Tokyo, Japan) was established to produce quality classical guitars at an affordable price. Over the next twenty years, Fernandes expanded the line and became one of the largest selling guitar manufacturers in the world. Fernandes is the number one selling guitar in Japan, and at times has held as much as 40% of the Japanese market.
In late 1992, Fernandes Company Ltd. began distributing their entire line of guitars to the U.S. market as Fernandes Guitars U.S.A., Inc. Fernandes Company Ltd. uses only the top facilities located in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Korea to produce their guitars. Once the factory is done manufacturing the guitars, they are shipped to the United States where they are inspected and set up again.
Even though Fernandes started out building classical guitars, by the time they were available in the U.S. they had stopped producing them. The first acoustic guitar to show up for Fernandes wasn't until 1997 with the FAA-500. This model evolved into the Reyna, while the Palisade series was introduced in 1999. Fernandes discontinued all acoustic guitars in 2004. In 2006, they reintroduced a small line of Palisade guitars. Up until 2006, Fernandes was distributed by Fernandes Guitars International Inc., in Chatsworth, CA and in 2007, Fernandes Guitars/Kaysound Imports Inc. became the exclusive distributor. For more information, visit Fernandes' website, or contact them directly (see Trademark Index).

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