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Instruments previously built in New York City, NY between 1890 and 1973.
In 1888, brothers John and Joseph Favilla left their home country of Italy and moved to Manhattan in New York City. Two years later, they founded Favilla Brothers, which later became Favilla Guitars, Inc. The workshop moved to Brooklyn in 1929, and later back to Manhattan.
Frank Favilla (John's elder son) began running the facility in the late 1940s. The company moved to larger facilities in Brooklyn in 1959, and in 1965 moved to a 20,000-square-foot plant out in Long Island. The larger facilities employed between fifteen and twenty workers, and the staff produced about three thousand acoustic guitars a year. Higher production costs were one of the factors that led to the plant closing in 1973.
In 1970, Tom Favilla (third generation) began importing guitars from Japan. Japanese Favillas had the company name in script; American-built Favillas will have the family crest on the headstock. Source: Tom Wheeler, American Guitars.

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