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Instruments previously produced between 1968 and 2011 in Mexico, Portland, OR and Santa Monica, CA.
Luthier Rob Ehlers first started building acoustic guitars in 1968. His first guitars were built in Santa Monica, CA with Ren Ferguson of Gibson fame. In 1971, he moved to Portland, OR and continued to produced various sized acoustic guitars. In 1973, Bruce Burns came to work with Rob and they later developed the 15 1/2 cutaway model, which was smaller than a dreadnought but bigger than a 000. Ehlers moved to Mexico circa 2000, where he continued to build guitars one at a time. In 2005, his brother began working with him and along with one other employee they built about 45-50 guitars per year with no CNC or mass-production equipment during construction. Models started at $4,000, and Ehlers had recently introduced a new line of guitars that started at $3,200. Ehlers passed away in November, 2011.

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