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Instruments previously built in Chico, CA during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Distributed by Donnell Enterprises of Chico, CA.
Luthier Ken Donnell offered an acoustic bass that was optionally augmented with a magnetic pickup in the soundhole or an internal Donnell Mini-Flex microphone system. Currently, Boom basses are not in production while Donnell focuses on the development and production of the Donnell Mini-Flex microphone system.
This internal mini-microphone installs inside the acoustic guitar with no modifications to the guitar itself. The mic and gooseneck clip to an interior brace near the soundhole, and the cable runs along the bass side of the fingerboard to the output jack. Other models are installed through the endblock of the guitar in place of the strap button. The Mini-Clip series is offered in a number of different models (featuring different low impedance microphones).

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