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Instruments previously manufactured in Japan circa mid- to late 1960s. Distributed by Maurice Lipsky Music Company, Inc., in New York, NY.
These Japanese-produced guitars and basses were imported to the U.S. market by the Maurice Lipsky company in New York, NY (Domino was a division of The Orpheum Manufacturing Company). Domino offered a wide range of Vox- and Fender-derived solid body models, and Gibson-esque 335 models. In 1967, the Domino design focus spotlighted copies of Fender's Jazzmaster, Jaguar and Mustang models renamed the Spartan and the Olympic.
The entire Domino product line featured Japanese hardware and pickups. Domino's Thunder-Matic line of drums featured six-ply shells, and internal adjustable mufflers. Sources: Michael Wright, Guitar Stories, Volume One and Domino catalog courtesy John Kinnemeyer, JK Lutherie.

From Blue Book Publications:

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