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Instruments currently produced in China since 2000.
Daisy Rock was founded by Tish Ciravolo in October 2000. Tish created Daisy Rock to make guitars that appealed to specifically girls. In a male-dominated rock'n roll world, guitars that were sculpted to the female just didn't exist. Being the mother of two girls and playing guitar for many years, she was inspired to create this company. Guitars feature slimmer necks for smaller hands, more lightweight and smaller bodies, and visual features appealing to women. Early in its existence, Daisy Rock was a division of Schecter Guitar Research and later Daisy Rock was distributed exclusively by Alfred Publishing until early 2016. Hardshell cases and custom guitars are also available. In 2008, Daisy Rock introduced the Debutante line that offers budget level guitars that are designed for beginners and children. Several of Daisy Rock's children-themed guitars (Star, Butterfly, Daisy, etc.) are now available in the Debutante. For more information on Daisy Rock refer to the website.

From Blue Book Publications:

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