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Instruments currently built in Northampton, MA.
For over twenty-five years, William R. Cumpiano has been making guitars in the North American, European, and Latin American traditions, primarily on a commission basis. Over the years, he has achieved wide recognition in the field for his innovative designs and fine craftsmanship, as well as for having authored the principle textbook (Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology) and for his numerous feature articles in guitar magazines, such as Acoustic Guitar and Guitarmaker. Cumpiano has supplied custom-made instruments to some of the finest and most prominent guitarists in the United States. Guitars typically sell between $4,500 and $8,500. Cumpiano also has a selection of completed instruments of all kinds in inventory, which he made while he was teaching—an activity which he undertakes several times per year. These completed instruments are unfinished ("in-the-white”) and can be tried out before they are finished and delivered. For more information, visit Cumpiano's website or contact him directly. Biographical material courtesy of William R. Cumpiano, September 2014.

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