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Instruments previously built in Santa Cruz, CA until the mid-2000s.
Ronald Cook was the luthier and craftsman of Coog Instruments. Cook designed and built early American and early European stringed folk instruments based on historic originals, such as guitars, mountain banjos, and dulcimers. He also crafted several types of medieval instruments, including hurdy-gurdies, harps, and rebecs. Cook was well-known for his intricately carved heads and features, as well as his use of recycled, salvaged, and sustainably harvested woods. Cook also repaired stringed instruments including common styles such as the guitar and dulcimer to the unusual style like zithers and marxophones. Cook stopped producing guitars in the mid-2000s and sold remaining stock through the early 2010s. Cook now runs Ron Cook Studios where he builds finely crafted furniture and other instruments.

From Blue Book Publications:

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