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Instruments currently produced in Madrid, Spain. Distributed in the U.S. by Guitar Salon International in Santa Monica, CA. Previously distributed by Luthier Music Corporation in New York City, NY and Tornavoz Music Company in Santa Monica, CA.
Conde Hermanos was founded by Domingo Esteso in 1915. Domingo trained his nephews in to the business, where they eventually took over. The business is now operated by Felipe Conde since 2010, which still maintains it as a family business. He offers a wide range of classical, concert-grade classical, flamenco, and concert-grade flamenco acoustic guitars built in Madrid, Spain. These models are constructed with the medium level to professional classical guitarist in mind. Hermanos lists their prices in euros. Since the dollar to euro ratio fluxes, the prices are going to be different in the U.S. Because of this, it is difficult to establish values on these guitars. For more information, visit Conde Hermanos' website or contact them directly.

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