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Instruments currently built in Willow Grove, PA since 1991.
Bill Comins began playing guitar at an early age, and later went on to major in Jazz Guitar at Temple University. During this time, along with performing and teaching privately, Comins cultivated an interest in Luthery. Eventually he took a job in a violin shop where he worked for four years while building his own repair/custom shop business. In 1991, Comins met Master Luthier Bob Benedetto whose shared knowledge inspired Comins to develop his own line of archtop guitars. In the time since Comins has carved out a reputation as one of the more highly regarded contemporary archtop guitar builders. He has built over 200 instruments for international clientele consisting of players, educators, and collectors. His work has appeared in numerous books and collections, including the Chinery "Blue Guitar" project. Well versed in both traditional and contemporary approaches, Comins offers personalized collaborations with dedicated attention to design and detail. In 2011, Comins began building D'Angelico replica guitars for GTR. For electric models, refer to the Blue Book of Electric Guitars. For more information, contact Comins directly or visit his website.

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