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Guitars currently produced. Distributed by Morgan Hill Music in Morgan Hill, CA.
Boulder Creek Guitars are built with a new type of bracing called the Suspended Bracing System (SBS). For over 150 years, guitar builders have been using the standard X pattern bracing style on all acoustics. Mike Shellhammer, who is the designer for Boulder Creek Guitars, wanted to increase sustain and vibration, and his experiments resulted in the SBS. SBS has less points of contact in the guitar and less rigid bracing around the bridge that allows the top to vibrate more. Shellhammer also eliminated the traditional soundhole on the top and replaced it with a side port (standard soundholes on the top that still utilize the SBS are also available in the Stage and Studio series). The Solitaire Series are available in a variety of configurations and tonewoods. For more information, visit Boulder Creek's website or contact them directly.

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