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Guitars currently produced in Bali, Indonesia. Distributed by Blueberry Guitars in Montreal, Canada.
Businessman Danny Fonfeder founded Blueberry Guitars with master carver Wayan Tuges and guitar luthier George Morris. Fonfeder was in Bali, Indonesia for business and noticed how many shops that specialized in carved woodworking. He also noticed that nobody was applying this art to guitars and that the only guitars available were cheap imports from other Asian countries. Fonfeder went to Tuges' shop in Bali and commissioned him to build six guitars. Tuges had built two by the time Fonfeder returned and was amazed at how beautiful the instruments were but how poor they sounded. Fonfeder then set out to find a luthier to make these pieces of art sound better. Fonfeder found luthier George Morris, who had been teaching guitar making for several years, and brought him on to complete the team.
Every Blueberry guitar is hand built by an experienced team of craftsmen in Bali, Indonesia and every guitar is unique - no two guitars are the same. Guitars are available in classical, dreadnought, and grand concert configurations and only high-quality tonewoods are used. Unique features of Blueberry include extensive carvings, wood selections/combinations, and inlays. Prices on Blueberry guitars range greatly because each instrument is unique, but most guitars range between $2,500 and $3,500. For more information, visit Blueberry's website or contact them directly.

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