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Guitars currently produced in San Francisco, CA since 2006.
Joe Luttwak and Kyle Wolfe started Blackbird Guitars to create a travel-sized guitar that was actually road worthy. Luttwak and Wolfe searched for years to find a truly worthy travel guitar, but they always sounded too thin and were fragile in construction. Along with Troy Stevens, they developed the Blackbird Rider acoustic guitar that is built out of carbon fibre. Other innovations including an entire hollow body, neck, and headstock, Stereo Sound Hole, and Soundscoop all add to the Rider's large sound, and the carbon fibre construction makes the guitar virtually undestructible. The rider also offers a full 24.5 in. scale in a travel-sized body. Blackbird has also introduced the Super OM full-sized body, Lucky 13 parlor-style body, and a ukulele. For more information, visit Blackbird's website or contact them directly.

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