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Instruments currently produced in Nashville, TN since the late 1990s.
Brothers Cory and Grant Batson build custom acoustic guitars in their Nashville, TN shop. In 1997, they were both working at a custom mill work company and Cory's guitar was stolen. Cory liked the Lowden Grant had, but he was unable to afford it. As he spent time looking for new acoustic guitars, he noticed that while many guitars look similar they can be very tonally different. Cory bought William Cumpiano's book Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology and began using the resources at the mill work company to start building his first guitar. After building his first guitar, Cory looked further into improving the design of the guitar and his results include a sideport soundhole, lightweight bridge, and the ShorTail tailpiece. The Batson brothers continue to expand and evolve their guitar production and they currently offer several designs including a parlor, grand concert, auditorium, jumbo, traditional classic, nylon-string crossover, an SJ model, and a Batson signature. Prices start at $2,800 for the Batson No. 5 and at $6,500 for Custom Shop guitars. In late 2011, Grant Batson resigned as president of Batson Guitars because of health issues and turned over the entire company to Cory. For more information, visit Batson's website or contact them directly.

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