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Instruments currently produced in China and Newburgh, NY since 2003. Distributed and sold direct by Jeff Babicz Guitars. Previously distributed by HSS (a division of Hohner, Inc.) in Glen Allen, VA.
Jeff Babicz used three patented technologies to make his acoustic guitar different than others. These include the Lateral Compression Soundboard, the Continually Adjustable Neck, and a Torque Reducing Split Bridge. A Babicz guitar looks different because the strings are physically attached to the soundboard near the edge of the body which enhances tone. The neck can be adjusted by a provided key without de-tuning the guitar. The bridge can also be adjusted for intonation and little torque is forced on it keeping the soundboard stable.
Babicz produces the Identity series, which were made in Indonesia on a production line and are now made in China. He also makes custom handmade models in his Babicz Signature Series Ltd. that are produced in Newburgh, New York. In late 2004, Babicz signed a deal with Hohner/HSS to exclusively distribute his guitars. The Tribeca line of acoustic guitars was also introduced and are licensed by Babicz Design Ltd. In 2006, Babicz introduced his first electric model, the Octane. Babicz has simplified his line and offers two acoustic models: the Dreadnought Cutaway and the Spider. The Super Jumbo acoustic and Octane electric models were released in late 2011. Now Babicz uses KMC Music as his importer since 2010. Guitars are sold directly through Babicz's website and they will work with you on ordering a guitar. For more information, visit Babicz's website or contact him directly.

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