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Instruments currently built in Seattle, WA beginning 1978. Instruments are available through luthier Steven Andersen, and Pioneer Music (Portland, OR).
Luthier Steven Andersen built his first guitar in 1973, and has earned his living solely as a guitar maker since 1978. Andersen specializes in custom building to meet the player´s needs. Working alone, Andersen builds two or three instruments at a time, generally completing sixteen to eighteen a year. Andersen guitars have been sold across the U.S., as well as in a dozen countries around the world. Although Steven Andersen doesn't actively pursue the endorsements of famous musicians, he has been fortunate in having a number of well-known players purchase his instruments (Steve Miller, Bill Frisell, and mandolinist Sam Bush). Andersen introduced a program called "Fresh Fish." Every now and then, he will build a guitar that isn't part of his regular backlog. He does this to build new instruments that may not be to spec and have other features different than his standard models. Andersen keeps a listing of these guitars on his website.
In addition to his guitar models, Andersen also builds mandolins, mandolas, and mandocellos. For more information, contact Andersen directly or visit his website.

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