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Instruments previously produced in Luby, Czech Republic and later produced in China. Distributed by Geneva International Corporation in Wheeling, IL.
Amada classical guitars and mandolins (as well as Lidl orchestra instruments) were made by Strunal Manufacture of Luby. These guitars were available in five fractional sizes for the younger, entry-level student. Amada believes that fitting the right size guitar to the physical size of the student aids in the learning curve, as opposed to younger students struggling with a full-sized guitar.
The general fractional scale runs from 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, up to full size. The scale lengths range from 17 in. (1/4 size), to 20.25 in. (1/2 size), 24 in. (3/4 size), 24.5 in. (7/8 size), up to 25.5 in. (full size). Corresponding metric measurements run from 440 mm to 650 mm. Some of these measurements will vary depending upon model. Models are offered in oak or mahogany back and sides, and are available in a Natural high gloss or matte finish.

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